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how to combine research and industry insights with compelling storytelling, to assemble the right content to inform and convince your stakeholders. 


About us

What good is your product, service or company if no one knows about it? The Word Assembly was founded to make public relations and content writing services more accessible to start-ups, small and medium enterprises, and niche industries like construction; to spread the word about your business and empower you to succeed in your industry. We also help overseas firms gain traction in the Singapore, with our understanding of the local media and political landscape. 


We believe that the true value of public relations lies not only in communications, but more importantly persuading your stakeholders to adopt a desired behavior that will impact your business performance. This means creating awareness about your brand to stand out from your competitors and generate more business leads, and eventually driving attitudes and actions that will lead to more sales, repeated purchases, investor funding, and even attracting top talent.


Besides getting media coverage, we’ll work with you to develop regular content to engage your stakeholders, so that you can stay at the top of their mind. 

Sherlyn Chen, Founder 

Sherlyn has seven years of experience working in an established public relations agency and an in-house corporate communications team before starting this business. She is a business degree graduate and pursued an entrepreneurship course by MIT. Her hope is to provide clients better public relations advice by being more involved in their business, and

co-creating solutions to improve business performance. 


She has worked on Government, technology, as well as building and construction related accounts; and is skilled in public relations, event management, social media management, copywriting and editing. 

Our strengths

By keeping our manpower lean and hiring only experienced PR professionals, we reduce the layers of work, charge less, offer better quality, and give clients the attention they need to drive success.

 We are right-sized to accommodate the needs of SMEs and start-ups


  We have a strong understanding of how businesses and the Government works, and most importantly what clients want 

Besides our experience in established

PR agencies, we have worked in companies/government agencies as clients of PR agencies. This gives us a better perspective of what firms want from PR agencies and their unmet needs.

We believe in being involved in your

day-to-day business instead of just relying on information our clients provide, so that we can provide value-added insights and actionable plans. 

Our understanding of how the

Government works also helps clients obtain funding for their business, secure

public-sector business, and partner with the Government to solve issues.

It is also useful for overseas firms that want to invest in the Singapore market. 


  Unlike most PR agencies, we have specialised knowledge of the construction industry

Having worked in the Building and Construction Authority of Singapore for six years, Sherlyn is aware of the issues the construction industry faces, industry trends, and the jargons used in the industry. She is also skilled in translating jargons into more layman terms while not diluting their intended meaning. This makes us better equipped than any other PR agency to help construction firms promote their business.


Perhaps you want to create more awareness about your new product, generate a steady stream of content to engage your customers, revise the content on your website, or need help with event management or award submission. Below are some of the services we provide to help solve your problems.

Example of past work:

Public relations

  • Develop messaging and positioning 

  • Prepare media kits – draft press releases for new announcements, factsheets etc.

  • Draft byline articles for media coverage to build subject matter authority

  • Media engagement and relations

  • Engage influencers to spread the word of mouth

  • Design, build and maintain social media presence 

  • Media monitoring 

  • Content creation and marketing 

  • Produce and edit copy for corporate publications such as annual reports and brochures

  • Speech writing 

  • Copywriting for websites 

  • Award submissions 

Copywriting and editing

Example of past work:

How we work

How can we help you?

1) Fill up a short form to help us understand more about your company, needs and budget

2) We’ll contact you with a proposal on the solutions, working arrangement and pricing. We can also meet you for a free consultation

3) If you are agreeable with the proposal, we can sign off the quotation and start working together 

Some of our clients

and what they say

"Sherlyn has been instrumental in the formation of our website. From its inception to the final version, Sherlyn was there to assist us in ensuring that our key messages are professionally communicated to our potential clients. We are so happy with her services that we have further engaged Sherlyn to help with the copywriting, editing and design of the company manual and brochure, which was well-delivered."

Ji Su Jian, Partner, BQUAS Consulting Pte. Ltd. 

"I would like to thank Sherlyn for linking all our strategies, roadmaps and sustainability efforts into words. Your extra effort to run through our annual reports and constant engagement with staff to improve the report made the report more in-depth and detailed. Customers and prospects can be assured of quality when working with your organisation."

Jonathan Koh, Senior Centre Manager, Valley Point

"Infinite thanks for turning the wheels around our social media efforts at the recently concluded BuildTech Asia!"

Rabita Jamal, Head of Marketing Communications & PR, Sphere Exhibits Pte. Ltd.